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  • DUI Evaluations
  •  Drug & alcoholAssessments
  • Early intervention outpatient treatment     8 hour individual/group education class    12 hour individual/group education class 
  • Diversion/Probation monitoring
  • Standard out patient treatment
  •  Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Senate Bill 123 outpatient treatment

Drug & Alcohol AssessmentsWeCare HCBS provides Drug & Alcohol Assessments for only $150.00.(all fees must be paid at the time of the assessment

**** Office Hours are 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Mon - Fri ****

 DUI EvaluationsAnyone charged with a DUI in the state of Kansas must receive a DUI evaluation.Kansas law requires that such evaluations cost no less than $150.00 and must be paid at the time the evaluation takes place.

 Philosophy: At WeCareHCBS, we seek to help our clients deal with the difficulties associated with Drug and Alcohol addiction by providing the most comprehensive preventative methods relating to Alcohol and Drug use, misuse and abuse. With an emphasis on arming our clients with enough information to help them make better choices regarding the use of alcohol and drugs.

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